Wild childhood (and adulthood) dreams

I was a dreamy kid. I loved nothing more than staring out the window of the school bus and getting completely lost in my thoughts and imagination. I’m pretty much the same way now, but I spend a little more time on earth.

I don’t think people talk about or embrace dreaming enough. We hear things like, “get your head out of clouds” or “be more realistic”. I don’t think it’s fair when people talk other people out of their dreams. It’s no one’s job to bring you back down, except yourself. People completely miss the point of dreaming when they insist on injecting realism into it.

When I was really young, I thought Steve Irwin was the coolest man alive. I wanted to save all the animals and the planet because of him. I would sit and watch his show and take notes in my little notebook. Never for a second did it cross my mind that my dream was out of reach, or far-fetched.

Then I would watch Nickelodeon and dream about being Pick-boy’s assistant, “pick-girl”. I wanted to meet the voice of Spongebob and slime people all day. I think these are pretty realistic and appropriate dreams for a little kid.

Later on in life, with the influence of school and friends, my dreams took a shift. I began dreaming about being a TV Chef on the Food Network. I loved to cook and the growing ego in me was attracted to the fame and fortune aspect. I thought about my friends and family watching me on TV and doing cookbook signings. The hilarious part was, I was quite possibly the shyest kid in my class at the time. But the beautiful part was, that was okay, I was just exploring some dreams.

All throughout my life, I’ve dreamt up the possibility of entering creative fields I have very little experience in. My mind has totally romanticized this vision where I’m a painter and travel to different places around the world to seek out more inspiration. In another dream, I am a dancer and travel to Salsa dancing congresses and dance with the best of the best each night. I could very easily stop myself from conjuring up these visions by telling my mind I have very little foundation or skills in either of these areas. . . but I don’t.

Three months ago, I fell in love with a Youtube Channel called, The Futur. The creator, Chris Do, runs a Youtube channel about the intersection of graphic design and business. Chris talks about graphic design in a way I’ve never heard anyone speak about it before. After the very first video I watched, I was hooked. I began dreaming about designing incredible, impactful posters for clients. Everything I looked at in stores took a new form in my eyes. Things like logos, package designs, and advertisements began to pop out to me.

So I did what I always have done, I let my dreams take me home. I would drive home thinking about those wonderful visions. Then I would actually get home and work on my Adobe Illustrator course. Or I would watch another episode by The Futur and do the exercise they recommend. For my birthday, I asked my parents for one of their big graphic design courses instead of the new phone I originally wanted.

Next month, I will be paid (and very well) for my first official freelance design project. And I’ve even done a good amount of free ones already.

Today, I still continue to dream. Sometimes about my visions with my career in design, and sometimes about other things like painting, dancing, and writing. But no matter how wild, I never stop myself. Stopping myself would mean doubting myself and my capabilities to achieve greatness. I think of little Julianna looking out the bus seat, the wildlife explorer, Nickelodeon superstar, and chef. Stay dreamy kids.

Originally published at juliannacarbonare.com.

Empowerment. Capturing the journey through life, career, femininity, and more. I write about what it takes to live as your truest self.

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