One rule for all relationships, lovers, friends or family — don’t skimp on the love.

I have a problem with this. I’m totally and utterly imperfect. When I’m hurt, I shut down, get cold, and want nothing to do with the world.

I’ve been trying to get better at spreading the love even when I’m not necessarily feeling it. But the thing is that love is so subjective. It can be hard to know what to do when that word is thrown around.

This month I’ve taken some time to think of what love means to me and how I can better transfer that to the people that deserve it in my life.

Here are my thoughts:


Probably the easiest to understand on this list, but I certainly don’t do it enough. Despite the anger, sadness, or whatever flurry of emotions, the easiest way to reconnect is with an open mind and ears. When I allow my already sick heart to mix in with my mind’s perception of another’s words, that’s when I get myself in trouble.

Love is STUPID.

Not everything is so serious. My favorite kind of moments are usually messy and stupid, but they’re beautiful. 2019 should mean more goofy grins and less getting stuck in the dumps.

Love is HOT SOUP.

Homemade hot soup when you’re sick. Isn’t that just the ultimate testament of love? I want to display more of those kinds of gestures. Hot soup is a thoughtful, intuitive, nourishing kind of love. We all deserve that.


This is probably the one I’m best at. When I’m out with somebody I love and care about, I don’t look at my phone. But presence also ties into LISTENING and HOT SOUP. You need to look into someone’s eyes to hear that they need their version of hot soup.


When I love somebody, I want to feel like I can be naked with them all the time and them with me. I want everything from the winter coat to the underwear to come off. Then I want to be able to look each other in the eye and fully accept one another for what we are. I can only achieve that if I do my part. I’m trying for less preconceived conceptions, judging, masks, and fear. I’m practicing more humility, acceptance, gratitude, and LOVE.

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