Minimalism will save your soul

Not really. But it could help. All I know is that I was happier when I owned fewer things.

My space was always clean. There wasn’t anything to leave clutter around. My thoughts were clearer, so I stayed focused more. My little corner of the world felt like an oasis, rather than another task I had to tackle.

I wasted less time. In the mornings, I worried less about what to wear. I only owned a handful of outfits that I already knew made me feel good. I would put one on, feel great, and then walk out the door with confidence and time. Two of the most important accessories.

I cherished the little things more. Every little thing that I owned had a purpose or special meaning. My earring collection was my special thing. Each set of earrings had a meaning, a story behind it. Each day I chose a set I adored and wore it like a medal of honor. Everything I owned had a place and purpose, so I took extra special care of everything. Nothing was taken for granted.

I lived more in the moment. I didn’t care what people had versus what I didn’t have. I knew all my basic needs were being met, and for that, I was ever grateful. This meant I could enjoy my days more. The little voice in my head telling me I needed x, y, and z to be happy, shut up.

People admired me. For some reason, men especially took fascination in my lifestyle. People would say things like “oh I wish I could do that but I’m as hoe addict!”. Then they would ask me a dozen more questions about how exactly I make it work. For some reason owning fewer things makes people admire you more.

There was more love in my life. I valued moments and memories over materialistic items. It began to rub off on those closest to me. Instead of gadgets and clothes as gifts, I shared more experiences with people I loved. We went laser tagging, to concerts, or to pottery classes. When people die we don’t say, “oh I wish I could have given them those Beats headphones they always wanted!”. We wish “If I could only have one more memory, one more moment, with them. . .”

I’m still human. I’m a human pack rat, just like you. I’m relatable and real. So naturally, I’ve acquired a lot of needless items over time. Sometimes you have less and sometimes you have more, as goes life. That’s why writing this post has inspired me to do my quarterly purge. Clothes, books, makeup, electronics and more. It all piles up.

But if you want minimalism to save your soul then all you need to remember is this: collect love, not things.

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