An Open Letter to Myself on My 23rd Year


Look at you!

You look into the mirror and it’s always been you — still is you. But you feel different. Your eyes recognize themselves a little better. Your body feels more like yours. You know your way around your heart with more ease.

How did you get here?

The journey to the 23rd year brought many trials and triumphs. You felt pain like no other. For a while it seemed like you just kept hitting every challenge marker that could possibly arise at once. But underneath all of that, was the greatest inner blossoming that your soul has experienced thus far.

You look into the mirror and you see the strength that rose to every challenge. The part of you that always trusts itself to pull the shards of glass off the floor and piece it all back together. You look into the mirror and you also see your softness. The part of you you’re most proud of — because you know being soft in a hard, cold world is an act of rebellion.

Your heart is so full today. With your solar return has come the newest, most beautiful chapter of your life to unfold thus far. You did the work this year, learned all the lessons, felt the pain, learned what there was to learn underneath it, and now it’s the season of receiving.

This new season of life has already brought so much. An abundance of love and care. A grand infusion of creativity that feels like its surging through your body almost nonstop these days. A connection to your body and impressive trust of your intuition.

A year deeper into womanhood and you are so aligned with the woman you always imagined yourself to be. Defiantly feminine, divinely guided, energized, incredibly loved and overflowing with love to give, growing in wisdom, and feeling so, so good in your own skin.

You should be so proud of yourself. This year you’ve learned that choosing love and joy does not mean bypassing all that is heavy, dark, or difficult. You now know the value of pain in its contrast to pleasure. And with that, there is no fear of the life — death — life cycle of living a human life.

Here’s to you and your fearless embrace of the full spectrum of human emotions. Your way of being unapologetically and authentically you, in all moments.

It’s just the beginning, with so much more to come.

Keep loving and trusting yourself.


P.S. For memory’s sake, here’s your song of the year.

Empowerment. Capturing the journey through life, career, femininity, and more. I write about what it takes to live as your truest self.

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