5 things I need every day that happen to start with S

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The days I don’t exercise are the worst. My body feels sluggish and it can’t seem to regulate its temperature well. Maybe that’s just in my head but sweating also does something for my mental health. I feel flushed with confidence, ability, and focus. One sweat session a day keeps the blues at bay.

I can’t sleep if I don’t get my big thing” done. That’s why I always try to start my work with the biggest task of the day. I need to go to bed with that sense of satisfaction knowing I did all I could do. Otherwise, I’m just anxiously awaiting the next day when I can finally finish the project at hand.

There’s something about long baths, walks, and getting lost in a book on the couch. The days that I take an hour or less to not talk to anyone, and just dream in my own head, are beautiful days. I want to do more of that. I’ve learned that it’s important for me to take time to decompress from the world. Most introverted people will relate to this.

I like to take care of myself. It’s a simple formula I’ve learned that when I look good, I feel good. Self-care for me is internal and external. I’m in a constant state of transformation. I’m always evolving to be the best human version of me both mentally and physically. For me, this means daily learning, reading, challenging, but also healthy eating, moisturizing, and pride in my appearance.

The people I love the most make me laugh. The good news is that it’s not hard to do. When I laugh really hard, I often let out little snorts. My sister does it too. Maybe it’s hereditary? When I was younger, this completely mortified me. Now I embrace it. It lets people know my laughter is genuine. The days I laugh so hard I snort, are guaranteed to be a perfect day. On days where no one is around, the show Seinfeld or Bill Burr standup do the trick.

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